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Amazing retreat

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Incredible experience!! Matt and Jeanae provided such great hospitality. The house is a perfect set up for a retreat like this. Matt and Jeanae were very comforting in what could be a scary dive into the unknown. I would highly recommend this place for everyone that is interested in seeking out the ayahuasca experience. And my hope is that everyone in the world eventually will.

Mother Nature

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Words will never do justice to what I experienced here. Our group, Matt and Jeanae, other people around the house who swinged by, the cats and the whole land there was soul awakening. Mother nature is beyond powerful. She's eternal and beautiful and if you allow yourself to truly let go, you will meet our Great Mother Spirit. Thankful.

So amazing!!

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I had such an amazing week at NLA. Matt and Jeanea are beyond cool. I was deeply moved by the Ayahuasca and meeting such great people. Huge respect for NLA!
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About Us

About Us – New Life Ayahuasca

It is always important to thouroughly research ayahuasca retreat facilities before choosing the one that is right for you. We want you to feel comfortable and safe with us during your retreat and want to provide all the information possible for you to get to know us before your arrival in Costa Rica.

Here is some detailed information about us…


New Life Ayahuasca was founded by Matt Mormello and Jeanae White, who came to Costa Rica to get ibogaine treatment for opiate dependencies. After their treatments, they rededicated thier lives to helping others and exploring the healing powers of plant medicine. After ibogaine, they continued their journey of personal healing with ayahuasca ceremonies. Changed by the powerful medicine, they continued to participate and assist in ayahuasca ceremonies. Seeing the transformative power ayahuasca has, they pursued their dream of opening an ayahuasca retreat facility.

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Get to know our Staff at New Life Ayahuasca. Our mission is to make your stay at our facility a healing experience where you can experience personal growth and strong spiritual connections. We are always here to help.

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WHERE WE ARE – Why Costa Rica?

about us

Sunrise at our facility

Costa Rica has the perfect weather and laid back atmosphere for an individual seeking to expand and enhance their spirituality and connections to life. We are located in San Ramon, about an hour from the capitol of San Jose and SJO airport.  Our faciliy is situated on 20 acres of land filled with lush vegetation and multiple fruit trees. We harvest the fruit which is available during our breakfast buffets and throughout the day.  Unlike the United States, ayahuasca is not illegal in Costa Rica, allowing us to provide safe spiritual ceremonies.

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Please visit New Life Iboga for more info on ibogaine therapy.