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Retreat Schedule

Ayahuasca Retreat Schedule

New Life Ayahuasca limits spacing to 8 per week for ayahuasca retreats.

Please reserve your space now.

                                  —— 2018 SCHEDULE ——


Feb 26 – March 2 (5 day) – FULL

March 15 – 19 (5 day) – FULL

March 25 – 29 (5 day) –  3 rooms left

April 23-29 (7 day) – FULL

May 7 – 11 (5 day) – 5 rooms left

May 20 – 24 ( 5 day)

June 1 – 5 (5 day) – 6 rooms left

June 13 – 17  (5 day)

June 26 – 30 (5 day)

July 9 – 13 (5 day)

July 23- 27 (5 day)

**More 2018 dates will be added**


Ayahuasca Retreat Daily Schedule

**Daily Schedule subject to changes**

Day 1- Arrival Day

On start day of the retreat, we provide pick up and transport between 11am-1pm from SJO airport to our facility in San Ramon. On arrival, we get you settled into your room and let you explore our facility and grounds and get acquainted with our staff. We will provide lunch and dinner.

Day 2-  1st Ceremony

The first ayahuasca ceremony is held on the 2nd night. We provide a light lunch of soups but skip diner before the ceremony, however, some fruit or fruit smoothies may be provided as a light snack. Before the ceremony, we are around for anyone who wants to discuss their intentions in more detail. The first ceremony begins after the sun sets and will usually last around 4 hours. After the ceremony is over we have a fire out back so long as weather permits.

 Day 3-  Day Trip

Upon waking, breakfast is provided. After breakfast we take our guests to a local waterfall or to the beach, depending on the time of year. An ayahuasca experience usually renews a sense of appreciation and respect for nature, and the waterfall or beach is a great spot to promote relaxation, tranquility and to be with nature. Massages may be scheduled. For those who wish to participate in Kambo, we will begin around 3pm. Dinner is served in the evening.

Day 4-  2nd Ceremony

Breakfast and a light lunch of soup will be served. The rest of the day is spent relaxing, the pool and hot tub are available and we encourage guests to spend some time alone to prepare for the 2nd ceremony. Some massages may be scheduled.

Day 5-  Relax (or Departure)

The day after ceremony is usually spent resting, recovering and reflecting. Massage may be scheduled. All meals will be provided at regular times. This is departure day for all participants of 5 day retreats.

Day 6-  3rd Ceremony

After breakfast, we encourage guests to rest and focus for the 3rd and last night of ceremonies. After ceremony, we have a fire where people can share their experiences or just enjoy the warmth and the cool mountain breeze.

Day 7-  Departure Day

This day is spent resting. We encourage our guests to share their ayahuasca experiences and the effect it has had on them mentally and spiritually. Guests pack up and prepare for their return flights home. Guests should book departure flights for later in the afternoon so there is no rush in the morning. We are happy to arrange for a cab to the airport or drop off at the bus station, however the cost of return transportation is the responsibility of the guest.