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5 5 1

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!

5 5 1
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! The place is incredibly beautiful and the ceremonies are very powerful. For me, it was a life-changing experience. If you feel the calling... this is definitely a great place for you to experience Ayahuasca. The owners Matt and Jeanae are amazing loving people and absolutely a blessing. YES!!!! I'm coming back soon :-)

Much appreciated!!

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I couldn't thank Jeanae and Matt enough for such an incredible experience. Keep up the great work. Peace, love and happiness!!!
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Tree Ceremony

Tree Ceremony –

Ibogaine Preparation –

New Life Ayahuasca and IbogaLife share a facility working with both plant medicines iboga(ine) and ayahuasca. Tonight we have an iboga ceremony where two of our guests will go through a transformative and healing experience.

Today they are preparing through a series of ceremonies for their journey which will take place in our temple tonight. These ceremonies are performed in the traditions of Bwiti, the spiritual practice which uses iboga as a sacrament. Find out more about ibogaine….

Ceremony night is something we all get very excited about, and is something we feel heals not only the guests, but all participants of the ceremony, including staff.  Seeing the transformation of participants before and after either an iboga(ine) treatment or an ayahuasca ceremony is what makes this work so rewarding for us!

Here are some photos of the tree Ceremony for 2 of our ibogaine treatment guests!

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tree ceremony

The Tree


River Cleanse


Bovenga playing the mougongo